Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Testing next week

Next week I go back to Dr. Hema for a regularly scheduled visit and blood tests. I have been feeling so well, so full of energy and so optimistic about my life, that I feel like I can hardly wait to get to the doctor's office to show off my great numbers! Of course, I have no idea what my numbers really are, but, of course, I hope they are great. I will certainly report the news as soon as I learn it.

My friends and neighbors all seem to have the same remarks, "Wow, you look great." I must admit that I have compared photographs taken of me a year ago to the man who stares back at me in the mirror today and the change is remarkable. Even I think I look much better.

Cross your fingers, kids! Here we go to get some great numbers!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good health is a blessing...

...and a bigger blessing.

My health has greatly improved since chemotherapy has killed 90% or so of the lymphoma cells in my body. I look better, my skin conditions have largely disappeared, I have energy and I am motivated to get up and go. I am very grateful for this improvement. At this time of life, when I have the time and a few dollars to do things and go places, it is wonderful to have good health that gives me the energy to do so.

Previously, when my body was struggling to fight lymphoma, I could eat whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted and not gain weight. Likewise, my cholesterol number was always nice and low. I could exercise a little, a lot or not at all with no ill effect.

Now that my health has been restored to normal, that is, the same as normal humans, my reaction to too many calories and too little exercise is also normal: weight gain. I seem to be plateaued at about 12-14 pounds above my ideal weight.

I sure do miss those 3,000 calorie breakfasts!