Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Follow-up with Dr. Hema

I had my regular quarterly visit with Dr. Hema today. He, my adorable wife and I were all smiles! He was very happy with my M-spike number of 0.21 as well as my IgM number of 250. My IgM is now in the normal range which is 62 - 263. It has been a high as a sobering 5,000! I asked if it was unusual for the M-spike to continue to decline after treatment stops. He said he sees it in some cases. He also said that the difference between my earlier M-spike readings of 0.31 and today's of 0.21 was barely statistically significant. He said the more significant thing is that the numbers are not increasing, nor, even worse, increasing in big steps.

We scheduled the next follow-up visit for four months, instead of three as previously and we all spoke of family, vacations, cruises and other ways to savor life!

I feel very well indeed and hope to do my utmost to do just that: savor life!