Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Great Results Just Keep on Coming!

Today was the postponed date for my six-month follow-up visit with Dr. Hema. Last Wednesday, the original scheduled appointment, we were enjoying an unusual bout of global warming. The temperature was 12F and there was a sheet of ice about an inch thick on our driveway. We rescheduled for today.

I customarily have blood tests about ten days in advance with my local primary care physician. The tests were done, however, the most revealing test, M-spike, was not performed. I wrote a stern complaint to Dr. Primary and emailed Dr. Hema. Dr. Hema said that the IgM result tracks alongside M-spike and, on the most recent test, looked entirely normal, as did almost every other test result. Based on the correlation of the two tests and the normal result from IgM, he felt comfortable omitting just this once, the M-spike result.

I have usually reported my M-spike result, but, unfortunately, all I can report today is 'good enough.'

Dr. Hema poked me a little bit, listened to my heart and lungs and said, based on the blood tests and the smiling, happy man with no swollen lymph nodes that stood before him, that no treatment or alarm was needed and to return in six more months with test results, ideally including M-spike!

I always feel a bit lucky, a bit blessed and quite fortunate when I pass the other patients at Dr. Hema's office. Some are too young to be going through chemo and radiation and other noxious treatments. Some are quite ill. Many wear funny hats to disguise that they have no more hair. Many are having a very tough time of it. I bounced out of the examining room with a big smile on my face and a little joke for the receptionist but I was quickly sobered by the other patients waiting for a life-saving treatment.

My good health has continued now for several years. I hope it will continue for several decades!

As always, a celebratory lunch was enjoyed. Glasses were raised and toasts made to good health!

Thank you, readers, for your well-wishes. They buoy me!