Saturday, July 20, 2013

'Tis the season

It is almost time to begin my semi-annual series of check-ups with Dr. Hema, Dr. Cardio and Dr. Primary. Yesterday I went for blood tests so that the results will be available for discussion in a few days with Dr. Hema. As you may recall, I am mailed a copy of the results simultaneously so that I know in advance what to discuss with Dr. Hema. Yes, yes, yes; control freak, Type A and all that. I know. However, I do believe after years of doctors visits, MRIs and, yes, even hospital stays, that the best person to manage my health is me. I don't want to get a call from a technician in the doctors office a few days after my visit saying my results look good. Instead, I want to look the doctor him- or herself in the eye and ask the exact meaning of the result. I also want to know the long-term prognosis and the prescribed course of correction, if any. The technician in the back office doesn't know all this.

Having said all this, I really feel great! Unless I told you, I doubt you'd recognize me as a long-term lymphoma patient or even any serious issue and especially one who has been through some very tough times. I am actually looking forward to my doctor visits so I can see if the measurements match my expectations. I am pretty confident that they do.

I also look forward to seeing all of the great folks who have taken such excellent care of me and giving each a hug and a thank you.

Finally, I look forward to a nice lunch afterwards with my adorable wife and a pleasant drive home the long way!

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