Wednesday, August 6, 2014

May I Live in Interesting Times!

As you will know from reading this blog, I have experienced cardiac arrhythmia for many years. In recent months, it has developed into atrial fibrillation. As you may know, a-fib is quite dangerous because it substantially increases the risk of stroke. My doctors attempted to contain the a-fib with drugs unsuccessfully. Finally, Dr. Cardio suggested a cardiac ablation:

It went pretty well and I spent a night in the hospital. Upon reporting a week later for a follow-up visit with the surgeon, I was found to be in atrial flutter. It was explained that it is a close relative of a-fib, but less dangerous. Well, at least I am going in the right direction; from dangerous to less dangerous.

To correct the flutter, I was given a cardioversion: The procedure has returned my heart to normal rhythm!

Next, I visited with Dr. Hema for my six-month check-up regarding my lymphoma. After undergoing preliminary blood tests, I found that my M-spike number, the primary indicator of lymphoma or other cancer in the system, was found to be 0.26. In other words, it is very low and steady and right about where is has been for several years. Dr. Hema said, in short, 'Terrific! See you in six months.'

My lymphoma continues to be about as close to remission as it can get. It may flare up some day, but not today!

I am very grateful and thankful that my lymphoma continues to be quiet.