Friday, December 18, 2009

Very good news

I had a blood test Monday and I have been anxiously pacing beside the telephone, practically begging Nurse K to call me. I had been warned at the lab that, since additional tests were being made, especially M-spike, the tests would take longer to be evaluated and reported to Dr. Hema.

Nurse K just called. My hemoglobin is now 12.7, up from 12.2. That's a great improvement. The normal range, depending on who you read is 13 or 14 to 18. I am rapidly approaching normal!

The M-spike reading was 1.07, down from 3.16 in October. A person in remission would have a reading of zero.

Last October, the IgM reading was an alarming 5120 versus a normal range of 60-263. Today, the level is 1520. That's still a high number, but shows tremendous improvement!

Today's weight: 174.

All of these signs point to great improvement and trending towards remission. My overall health and energy bear this out. I feel better now than I have in several years.

Needless to say, I am very happy. My adorable wife is very happy. I resume treatments on January 4 and hope that my numbers will continue to improve.

What a wonderful Christmas gift I have received!!!


  1. Dear B,

    Merry Christmas, indeed!

    Thank you for sharing the EXCELLENT news.


  2. Fantastic News!!!!!

    That is the best Christmas present of all!!!!

    We hope the numbers continue to improve and you are indeed in remission for a LONG time.

    Love, Meemaw & Hubby

  3. Thanks for updating your blog with this great news! Over the holidays you can eat to your heart's content! Keep up the good work and celebrate, celebrate!
    Irene and Len

  4. It will be a Merry Christmas indeed!!!

    Best news in a very long time. I am so happy that you are doing so well and I know that you will continue to improve.

    Thank you for sharing such great news.

    Love ya, Dyanne

  5. Thank you all for your well wishes. It feels very good to know that you are hoping and praying with me! Thank you all!


  6. A last minute Merry Christmas... fantastic you continue to get better.

    Best wishes, Steve C

  7. You go, Bill!

    Merry merry and happy happy