Saturday, December 5, 2009

Round Two

My second round (of six!) treatments is complete. These treatments take place every day for five days, then four weeks off, then every day for five days, etc. My adorable wife and I traveled to Big City every day this last week and I had an hour or so of infusion. They leave the IV in my arm for three days and remove it at the end of treatment Wednesday; a new IV is inserted Thursday, which remains until treatment is finished on Friday. Yes, gentle readers, that means you get to sleep with a sharp needle in your arm four nights out of five. Just part of the price you pay for lymphoma and its treatment, I suppose.

I had another very sad moment in the infusion room; I saw a young couple, in their 20s, I'd guess. The young woman was in the chair being fussed over with great care and compassion by the nurses who work the infusion therapy room. The man was in a visitors chair acting the part of the caring, compassionate partner.

I actually left the facility in tears.

It's one thing to get a cancer diagnosis at age 66, when you have lived a very full life, spent many years married to the love of your life and have lived long enough to hug your grandchildren. It's quite another to get such a diagnosis at, say, age 25, when much of your whole life is yet before you. For her, it will be quite different from what she and her partner hoped for. I am praying that she will have an early remission and a long life.

I am doing quite well. My health and energy are just great. My weight is steady at 172 and I hope I have not created a gravy biscuit monster! My next blood test is in two weeks, instead of one week, because Dr. Hema is so impressed with my progress. I will have a respite from treatments until January 4. All the better to enjoy the holidays!

I hope you will all enjoy the holidays, too. Hug each other from me. We never know what the future holds and I am quite sure you can not overdose on hugs!


  1. Lovely post Mr. 'W'. Very glad for all of your good news.

    I look forward to being in your elevated (and elevating) company soon, Chevy gods willing!

    =c )

  2. Hi SD, I am so happy that the treatments are somewhat easier than before and that you are doing great. You are such a wonderful person and great friend, I wish you and Miss Sylvie a long and happy life together.

    We will keep the prayers coming your way and to all the others that need them.

    Love ya, Dyanne

  3. How wonderful!!! We are thrilled for you!!!! We hope you have the most wonderful of holidays and that your health continues to improve!

    We love you very much!

    Meemaw & Hubby