Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to chemo

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with our younger son, daughter-in-law and twin grandchildren. Our Thanksgiving dinner was awesome! It was great to have a respite from the treatment room and weekly blood tests in order to spend time with family.

Now it is back to the treatment room for the next round of treatments. Dr. Hema was very encouraged with the results of the blood tests that were previously taken, as well as the test taken before today's chemotherapy. He said that there is no doubt that the chemo is doing what it is intended to do: kill lymphoma! My overall health, energy and weight all support this.

My adorable wife and I will be going to Dr. Hema's office again Tuesday through Friday. Thankfully, these are short treatments, taking about an hour. However, any field trip is an excellent excuse for a big lunch in Big City!

Today's weight: 171.5!!!

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  1. Thankful for good news!
    Big lunch! Eat!