Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A very good report

Nurse K, who is Dr. Hema's nurse, called today to report that the results of my Monday blood test were in and very good. She said the white blood count was slightly below normal but no where near the danger area. The 'danger area' I believe, refers to such a reduced immunity that every passing germ is a very dangerous threat. She also said my hemoglobin is now at 11.7, up from 10.9 just a week ago.

These results suggest that the fludarabine treatment is being tolerated very well. I hope it is having the desired effect; the eradication of lymphoma. Having gone through the agony of rituxan and its side effects, and no real improvement, I can only be cautiously optimistic. Dr. Hema and I passingly mentioned a third therapy, Zevalin:

It is, as Wikipedia says, currently the most expensive drug available given in a single dose, costing over US$ 24,000 for the average dose. I hope you will keep paying your taxes so that Medicare can take care of me!!!


  1. Excellent!!! We hope and pray the numbers continue to change for the better, and that the horrendous side effects are a thing of the past!!!!

    We love you very much!
    Meemaw & Hubby

  2. Sounds great! I am glad you are doing some better. Thanks for the updates.

    much love,

    PS Whitni sends her best.