Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Calling Nurse K....

Last Monday, I had my mid-month blood tests, including the very informative M-spike reading. Because Dr. Hema's office is 45 minutes away, my local doctor's office, about seven minutes away, does the test and faxes the result to Dr. Hema. After evaluation, I am telephoned with the result.

As you may recall, a patient in remission should have an M-spike reading of zero. Several months ago, mine was 2.0 and after the rituxan treatments, it actually rose to 3.16. Of course, I am anxious to see what effect the fludarabine treatment is having. We all hope that the tide has turned and the numbers are trending back down towards zero.

I am realistic enough to realize that it is unlikely that I will take a treatment and suddenly be completely cured; cue the rainbow and break out the champagne. I believe every cancer patient, including me, has ups and downs. While I hope for the best and greatest test results ever known in all of medical history, I fully realize that sometimes the news will be good and sometimes it will be less good.

I am on the edge of my chair waiting for the telephone to ring and hear some hopefully good news from Nurse K.


  1. Well, I'm praying that it is closer to zero than ever!!!!! Everyone is praying for you and we're all anxiously awaiting the new readings!

    We love you very much!

    Meemaw & Hubby