Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Three of four of six

I completed the third of four treatments comprising the fourth of six rounds.

Sounds complicated, doesn't it? I get confused myself. I guess I'll just go on going until Dr. Hema says, "Stop! You're in remission! Go home, already!!!"

The treatments go well enough. They are painless and, thank heavens, have only trivial side effects. P the Piercer and I have it down to a slick routine so that the whole process takes less time than the commute. I have lately been sleeping through most of it.

So, how would you like to sleep with this thing in your arm a few nights a week? Nurse P asked if this was a good place, on the inside of my forearm, and I told her that if the Doc said I had achieved remission, that I'd think it was a great, fabulous, wonderful place!

Treatment continues rather uneventfully.

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