Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blood test results

On Monday, I went to my local doctor for regularly scheduled tests. They are taken here and faxed to Dr.Hema. His nurse called yesterday afternoon to report that the hemoglobin, hematocrit and platelet counts were, in Dr. Hema's words, low but safe.

I had been told previously by Dr. Hema that an expected result was that, as the fludarabine killed the lymphoma-bearing B cells, these factors would be lowered in response. So, hearing 'low but safe' is an entirely expected result.

I feel very well; I have more energy than I had a few months ago and I feel that my color is greatly improved. As I have reported before, my weight is certainly improved; perhaps a bit too much! Today's weight was 182.

Gosh, I sure miss the pecan waffles!

On April 26th, I go for the next round of blood tests and a CT scan. We will have more information to gauge my hopeful recovery then.

A very happy birthday to my adorable wife who has been my pillar of strength and encouragement throughout all of this. I love you, dear!

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