Thursday, April 29, 2010

Preliminary results are in

Nurse K at Dr. Hema's office just called with my blood test results and they are great! The M-spike reading is 0.3 which she described as normal.

Pardon me, I just have to repeat that again: M-spike is normal. I love the sound of that! M-spike...normal. Normal.

She also said the IgM number is now 359, which is getting close to the normal range of 62 - 263. It has been a high as a sobering 5,000!

M-spike and IgM numbers that are not just high but sky-high are the primary indicators of lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma. To see them recede to normal or, at least near normal, is great news!

As my friend N said, hey, I might just beat this thing!

I still have to meet with Dr. Hema on Monday to discuss not only these results, but also the results of the CT scan. I am no doctor, but I imagine the good news will continue. Of course, I am realistic, there is no known cure for lymphoma. It can be brought to remission, but, if one lives long enough, it always returns. It may return in a year or five years or ten years. It may be brought to remission with a further round of treatments, giving another short or long period of normal life; or it may not. Every case is unique.

I am very happy with the news I have received so far! Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.


  1. WAHOOOOO!!!!

    Looking forward to all the results! However, we are thrilled with what you have learned so far....

    We love you very much!!!

    Meemaw & Hubby