Monday, May 3, 2010

An open letter to Dr. Hema

May 3, 2010

Dr. Hema
and the entire staff

Thank you all for the wonderful treatment I have received for my lymphoma. My treatments have, at times, been very difficult for us all. Throughout all of it, you and the whole staff have treated me with the utmost professionalism, compassion and a bit of humor. I firmly believe that if we didn't find a way to chuckle through all of this, that the ordeal would be too sad. You and your staff have achieved, in my opinion, just the right touch of humor to make a tough process tolerable.

It is tempting to single out a few members of your staff that I feel did an extraordinary job. However, I believe that every member of the staff did their utmost to see that my care was given in a very professional manner. To the contrary, it would be impossible to single out a single person whose care was less than excellent.

I am very grateful to have such a skilled team working very hard to make my life healthier, happier and longer.

Please pass my thanks to each and every member of your staff.

I know that the Big City Medical system is concerned about customer satisfaction, as they should be. Please feel free to pass my comments on to anyone in the system.

Thank you again.


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