Saturday, July 30, 2011

The numbers are in.

In preparation for my regular visit with Dr. Hema, I visited the office of my local primary care physician for blood tests. They administer the tests in advance so that when I later visit Dr. Hema, he has the results before him to discuss in detail with me. The lab at my primary care physician's office mails me a copy of the results so that I can see them and follow my progress up or down over the months and years. I feel most comfortable being involved in the progress and treatment of my illness.

The numbers are very good. The primary indicators of my lymphoma are IgM and M-spike. The IgM number is now 201, right in the normal range which is from 60 to 263. The M-spike is now 0.19, essentially the same as three months ago. This level is very, very low, but not quite zero, the ideal for a healthy cancer-free adult.

I am very optimistic about my upcoming visit with Dr. Hema. I believe he will say that I am doing extremely well. If so, I shall request that my next visit be scheduled for six months. Yes, as you can see, gentle-reader, I love being in control!

I generally don't even think of myself as a lymphoma patient. I think of myself as facing a challenge and conquering it. It may be temporary, but for now, I think I have conquered it.

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