Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Old friends

I watched a piece on that damned box, as I think my grandmother called television, about Dave Brubeck. I spoke of Brubeck previously:

How I would love to be spending an evening with L and a glass of good bourbon pulling out all our jazz records and giving them a spin on the turntable and having more than a few laughs. As happens in life, sadly it's too late.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from the volunteers putting together the 50th (!!) year reunion of my high school graduating class. I was sadly reminded that the two guys I hung out with the most all those long years ago are both deceased.

Perhaps not coincidentally, I received a phone call today from H who started as a long-time business associate and became a very good friend. Since I retired, I hadn't heard from him in six or seven years. He called and we caught up on developments in the intervening years. He revels in working hard every day for far more than the usual forty hours. As you may well know, I revel in having those days done and over with. Nevertheless, we were soon chatting and laughing as if we'd just been together a week ago! H then announced, "We're having a party and we'd love to see you and your adorable wife."

So what if the party is 600 miles away? We are going!

The point of all this, gentle readers is that life is fleeting; life is temporary and life is uncertain. If you are going to visit an old friend or see an old friend or call an old friend or send an old friend a card or an email, do it now. Tomorrow may be too late.

Call an old friend today!

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