Monday, July 27, 2009

Sad news

I have learned that my ex-step-father (yes, we have a complicated family!) has died at age 88 of lymphoma. While I have not been in contact with L for many years, I am very sad. He was a terrific guy and was fun to be with. He sparked my interest in high fidelity audio. My earliest memory of his house was with two refrigerator sized speakers flanking the fireplace with Dave Brubeck on the turntable and the whole thing sounded like the quartet was right in the room with us. I have a turntable and the Dave Brubeck record and today I shall play it and remember fun times with L.

I believe if any of us gets to age 88, with or without lymphoma, then we've had a good run and a nice long life. I enjoyed sharing some of mine with L.

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  1. Thanks Bill, this is nice to see. I didn't know you had posted this - Steve C