Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Treatment Room III: D'oh!

So close to done and then slight complications arise. I began to feel quite itchy and my adorable wife said my face was extremely red. She alerted the nurse and Dr. Hema appeared quite quickly. They opined that the pre-medication Benadryl had worn off. They conferred and stopped the Rituxan and are now giving me additional Benadryl. My symptoms have subsided. They are taking my vital signs every few minutes. A blood pressure cuff is permanently attached to my arm for the time being.

Nurse K marched a scared-looking man, wife and daughter past us into a private office where, I suspect, he is to start the same process. With apologies to P. T. Barnum, it seems there is a new lymphoma patient born every minute.

I hope we will be done soon, I'm getting grouchy.

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