Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Telling the family

I spent yesterday telling my family the awful news. It was very hard for me to give news to a family member, realizing they would be very hurt by the realization that the Iron Man, old Mr. Bill, might not be around forever. And then, when the conversation ended, hang up the phone and dial the next family member and do it all over again.

There were quite a few tears on both sides of the phone line, as I expected. I have had the advantage of several weeks of doctors visits in which the story unfolded slowly and, thanks to Dr. Hema, gently. By contrast, my family members had the whole gruesome story sprung on them in a few moments. It is, I'm sure, a lot to digest in a short time. I felt especially bad for our son and his family that we had just visited; however, I did not have the results of the bone marrow biopsy when we were there.

I walked the 1.9 mile route today with my camera and tripod. Not much to see today, so I am playing with exposure stacks, a method to expand dynamic range in photography. Once you have photographed every bug, flower and bird for 5 miles in every direction, you just about have to invent ways to take photographs in unusual ways!

Today's weight is 160.5. I am going on a piranha crazy feeding frenzy! I wonder if the nearby diner has that greasy chicken-fried steak special for lunch today...

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  1. I love this, one more creative mind blogging, eat eat eat and then when that plate is empty get one more! Chemo is a free ticket to stuff yourself silly for as long as possible! One can never allow themselves to miss a meal while on chemo just in case you need to go a few days with a low calorie intake.... Early detection, swift treatment, a positive attitude and of course a beautiful wife is the ticket to longevity.....Cheers Bill!