Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Exercise and the retired man

When i retired, about 11 years ago, I became, as many retirees do, more sedentary. Most older people become a bit more sedentary and either don't amend their dietary habits, becoming obese, or amend them and become slender. I have never had a great big appetite, so lunch has become smaller and smaller until it is sometimes nothing. Consequently, I have lost about 15 pounds since retirement. It doesn't sound like much, but I retired at 6' tall and 175 pounds. If I may say so, I was looking svelte in my business suit, smartly polished shoes and sincere tie. Now, at 160 pounds, I look scrawny. I will be tracking my weight here, as the possible ordeal unfolds.

I am very glad that I retired at age 55, if I am going to go through a life-shortening ordeal. I have enjoyed ten extra years at the race track, on a raft trip in the Grand Canyon, snowmobiling in Yellowstone, cruising and many other things, while not being encumbered by the requirement to show up at work on time every day. While my pension and IRA are smaller as a result of retiring at age 55, there is one thing you cannot buy: time. I am glad I took the time.

The upside is that when we go out to eat, I don't have to watch the carbs, calories, trans fat or anything else. A few days ago, we went to breakfast, where I unashamedly ordered and ate eggs, bacon, home fries and chocolate cream pie! Yum!

I have tried to be more physically active since retirement. I have always either ridden a bicycle or walked for about an hour almost every day. Lately, I have combined walking with another favorite pastime, photography. I usually walk with my camera over my shoulder and my tripod. My camera and post-processing skills have improved, while giving myself a nice walk in the poison ivy, chiggers and ticks!

I shall be referring to my doctors, in this blog, as Dr. Primary, Dr. Colon and Dr. Hema. My wife shall be known as my adorable wife.

Today's weight: 160.

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