Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The treatment plan

My adorable wife and I just returned from Dr. Hema's office in Big City. Dr. Hema reports that the PET scan shows hardly anything. He said it's good news, because that indicates there is hardly any organ involvement and that it's very slow growing. He thoroughly discussed treatment options and we settled on Rituxan taken once a week for four weeks.


It is administered intravenously. The first dose takes about six hours, and the next three take about four hours. It is not chemotherapy and so the usual nausea, hair loss, etc. is not expected. I am not the most patient patient there is, but if this is all it takes to knock this darn thing into remission, I guess I can bite my lip. The first treatment is tomorrow at 9:00 am. Let's get on with it!

He did say that I am right on the edge of not requiring any treatment at all! However, I do have anemia and iron deficiency, so he recommended treatment. He feels that these symptoms will fade away as the lymphoma is treated.

We visited the intravenous treatment room and each person has a recliner and a personal TV. I will be allowed to bring books, magazines and..........my laptop!!! I shall blog you from the treatment room!

We are rearranging some travel plans, but largely, we are living life as usual, to the fullest.

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