Sunday, July 19, 2009

Snaps up!

Snaps up to my Brudder who beat Sis to the email with the response that the famous line, "sap and impurify...precious bodily fluids" is from Dr. Strangelove. I love that movie! For the curious, here is the line:

Well, actually, snaps up to Sis, too. Brudder and Sis have been awesome sibs. Although now, we live many thousands of miles from each other and live very different lives, we are in touch quite regularly and never miss an opportunity to get together. I love you both very much.

When some of my acquaintences mention that they are estranged from a sibling and that they haven't spoken in years, I not only wonder what in the world is wrong with such people, I also feel blessed to have the wonderful family that I have.

I am also blessed to live in a very quiet wooded setting near a Big City. There is hardly any crime, we meet our neighbors on lazy walks and see deer and other wildlife often.

However, should a person need a little procedure, such as a PET scan, it involves a drive into Big City; invariably at rush hour! I guess I have a remarkable set of medical professionals: they only seem to have appointments at 9:00am and 4:00pm!

I am looking forward to getting the PET scan done and evaluated, but I am not looking forward to driving there for an 8:45am appointment.

Today's weight: 162 and today's exercise, a 3 mile walk which is more like a social occasion, since I almost always see a fellow walker that I have seen many times before. Then we have to stop and chat for a few moments. Yesterday, I had a few moments with a big guy with a born-and-bred Carolinas drawl who was walking his oh-so-cute white miniature poodle! He seems more the shepard/retriever/collie type. I guess it takes all kinds...

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  1. We love you too!

    We have been fortunate to have you too - you are a wonderful brother - we are in constant prayer that this trying time is over very soon with good results.