Tuesday, July 21, 2009

PET scan day

My adorable wife and I traveled to near downtown Big City for my PET scan. Naturally, the appointment was at 8:45am! That meant we had to endure rush-hour traffic, something I had hoped to have put behind me on my retirement day. We figured out, after getting lost, that it was right across the street from my Dr. Cardio! We went into Dr. Cardio's building and noticed that there is an enclosed bridge over the road. We stood there looking around for the slightest sign to direct us to the PET scan department. Amazingly, two nice ladies walked up to us and asked the poor SC hill people what department we were looking for. We told them and they said it was a bit of a rat's maze to find it and led us directly there! The lead nice lady even asked my name and shook my hand and then introduced me to the receptionist at the PET scan department!

WOW! The entire experience started off so beautifully! I was called almost immediately and taken to an alcove with a bed and the usual hospital drapes. I was injected with precious oils, emoliants, frankincense and myrrh...or at least some magic stuff. I was also asked to drink two nice cold banana shakes and then wait and rest for 90 minutes so the various ingrediants could get busy. After a little snooze, I was taken to the PET scan room and in twenty minutes, I was done!

Nuclear Radiation Specialist J helped me the whole way and explained everything carefully. Everyone at the facility was very helpful and caring.

The PET scan is the next step in the evaluation process. It tells Dr. Hema how far this thing has progressed and helps him set a treatment regimen. I see Dr. Hema a week from today.

As she often does, my adorable wife made a new email pal in the reception area! She is interesting to talk to and a great listener and so makes new friends easily. She brought her knitting and met a fellow knitter.

Today's weight: 161. Today's exercise: trotting through the rat's maze!

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