Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finally home!

Because of stopping the Rituxan, administering additional Benadryl and then restarting the Rituxan, I was not finished until 4:20 pm! I feel restless and after we got home, I napped only about 20 minutes. I think they were on their FILO plan; First In Last Out.

Dr. Hema and the nurses thought it was great that I was blogging during this process. I hope they meant that it was great that I was recording this as an interesting experience, rather than being depressed. I think, in a situation like this, or any life siuation for that matter, that attitude is worth 90%. If you think that you can't do a thing, that is, mentally set yourself up for failure, then you probably will fail. However, the reverse it true also. If you tell yourself that you can fight lymphoma hard and you can win, then you probably can.

I can and I will.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad everything went as well as it did!!! Maybe next time they'll have a handle on the right combination that gets you through the whole bag and out on time.

    We love you very much.