Friday, January 8, 2010

Fifth day is completed!

The current fludarabine regimen is every day for five days, a four week break, five more daily treatments, etc., until six week-long treatments have been given. Today, I finished #3 of six. We are a long way from done, but we are gaining on it!

The treatments are relatively easy, taking about an hour. The IV port is left in my arm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, so I am only pierced twice. We usually have lunch while we wait.

I am feeling very good about my progress, my blood test results, my overall health and energy. My good friend N suggested I would probably have a moment when I said to myself, "Hey! Wait a minute! I think I can conquer this darned thing!" He was right. I have had the moment!

I have a blood test scheduled for January 18 and the next round of treatments starts February 1. I am optimistic in the extreme!

The people in Dr. Hema's office and, especially in the infusion room, are very nice. Every person that I have come in contact with is extremely kind and compassionate. I assume it's because of the example Dr. Hema sets, but every person is as sweet and caring as anyone could possibly be. Thank you, Doc!

Today's weight: I was afraid to look!

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