Thursday, January 14, 2010

My privacy policy

Several months ago, I went to a new doctor's office for a consultation. As a part of the new patient process, I was asked to sign an acknowledgement that I had received a copy of their written privacy policy. I'm sure you have seen them; they promise not to share your private medical details with anyone except your other doctors, Medicare, your insurance carrier, the county coroner and your designated spiritual guide. All very good!

I complained that I had not actually received a copy of the policy and that I would decline to sign a document acknowledging receipt of a document that I had not actually received. The office manager intervened and said they had a copy in a binder in plastic sleeves and asked if I would care to read it. I told her that if I was going to sign an acknowledgement, then I was darned well going to have to actually receive a copy! She acted as if I were a loon and, with many pained sighs and evil looks, made a photocopy for me to take home. I am quite sure she marked my file for all to see: "loon."

Am I a loon?

You may have noticed that I use initials and made up names throughout this blog. I do not know how Dr. Hema or Nurse P. or you, gentle reader, feel about internet notoriety. If I never use a real name and never identify anyone by name, or give any personally identifiable details, I don't think I have to worry.

Some of you have avatars that, if one has microscopic-quality vision, can identify you personally. If that is acceptable to you, then that's your decision. For me, however, I choose to keep as many details as possible private.

That is my privacy policy. No acknowledgement is required.

Monday, I have a blood test, including M-spike readings. I am very hopeful that my numbers have further improved. Please cross a finger for me!


  1. Fingers crossed all over my lil' town!!!! (Several of us are praying for you as well!!!!)

    We'll be awaiting the good results!

    We love you very much!
    Meemaw & Hubby