Thursday, January 21, 2010

More good news

I received a call from Dr. Hema's office reporting the results of the latest blood test. The most significant result, in my opinion, is that the hemoglobin level is now 13.1! That is a further improvement from the last number I reported to you, which was 12.7. The normal range, depending on who you read is 13 or 14 to 18. So, reading the most optimistic scale, I am now normal.

The red and white blood counts continue to be just a bit outside of normal, but just barely. All these continue to show progress towards as near perfect health as a 66 year old man can get. I am very encouraged and very happy!

The next round of treatments begins February 1. The treatments go pretty quickly and the nurses and doctors are very nice. It is a great opportunity to have a lunch date with my adorable wife. It is, however, saddening, because every person there is in a fight for their life and at least some of them may lose the fight.

Please continue your thoughts, prayers and crossed fingers. I appreciate all the help I can get and I am sure I will not overdose on the positive vibe!


  1. YAHOO!!!!

    (While I am saddened that there are so many who have to fight, I am elated that YOUR fight is so successful!)

    We love you very much.
    Meemaw & Hubby


    Fingers cramping, but still crossed!

    =c )