Saturday, October 24, 2009

A disappointing report

Dr. Hema called me today, yes, on Saturday, to report that he received the results of the blood tests. The hemoglobin, which was at 11.2 is now 11.2; which is no improvement. The M spike reading, which is a pretty clear indicator of lymphoma, has gone from 2.0 to 3.16 since July. In a patient in remission, it is zero. He said he was disappointed that the rituxan didn't work for me, since it was lengthy and had pretty rough side effects. (Well, me, too, Doc!)

He recommends a round of fludarabine, a chemotherapy drug that is administered every day for a week. He said he would try to get it set up for Monday through Friday. My dear sister P is coming to visit Friday, so I am trying to set up the exactly correct schedule so I can have a treatment, go to a late lunch and then get to the airport at just the right time to hug P!!

If the treatment room has room, it looks like I start chemo this Monday.


  1. We're so sorry!!!! Our hopes were that remission would have already started and that it would last a long time.

    You are still in our thoughts and prayers, and we love you very much.

    Meemaw & Hubby

  2. Bill. I'm sorry too - I've been following your progress since Pam gave me the link (sorry I haven't commented before now).

    Hang in there my friend - Steve Campbell

  3. When I said, "Hear! Hear!" this was not what I was talking about! I hope this is not as rough as the Rituxan. We love you.

  4. Thank you all for your well wishes. Steve, I wonder if you saw my comments about your dad.