Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A report from Dr. Hema

Dr. Hema called this morning after he received the results of the PET scan. He said the lymph nodes did not appear any smaller, but neither did they appear any larger. He reiterated that the enlargement was very small. I assume that means that it is very difficult to measure a meaningful difference between 'very small' and 'very, very small.'

He said that the blood tests, due to be drawn tomorrow, will be more informative. There are markers that he will examine to determine if the lymphoma has subsided, as well as our old pal, the hemoglobin level. I plan to ask for my own copies of the blood test results so that I can (mis)interpret the results for myself. He said the samples will need to be sent out and by the time they are returned and interpreted, it will likely be next week before I get a report from him.

This is certainly not the home run, let's throw a parade report I had hoped for, but at least it's no worse. As well, the PET scan is only a part of the story. Let's hear the whole story before we draw any conclusions.

EDIT: Last hemoglobin reading: 11.2; today's weight: 166.


  1. Hear! Hear! Let's hear the whole story.

  2. No it's not a home run, neither has the fat lady sung.I know you'll stay in the batter's box and go down swinging if you have to...but you're such a good "swinger" I've got my money on you beating this. Praying every day...I'm not giving up either.Bill I love ya lots!!!!