Saturday, October 3, 2009

Feeling good!

I feel pretty normal today; yesterday was a good day, too. I've had no fever, sweats, chills, convulsions, visits from aliens, paranormal experiences, nor out-of-body experiences! I am pronouncing myself out of symptoms. It is now time to resume my morning walks and get back to 3 miles; time to get some tone back into my puny body and time to not only act normal, but be normal.

My weight this morning was 165.5. I think that is a hopeful sign, because I had been as low as 158 and struggling to keep it that high. Another gravy biscuit, please!

The next step is blood tests on October 21. They will thankfully be done at my primary care doctor's office, about 5 minutes away, rather than at Dr. Hema's office, about 45 minutes away. Dr. Primary is to fax the results to Dr. Hema.

I hope that I have little to report until October 21.


  1. We are so thrilled for you to be so thrilled with your returned vim and vigor! And by all means go for the gravy biscuits! No more soup and custard for you!

    Irene and Len

  2. glad you are feeling better. Phil