Monday, October 19, 2009

Yet another trip to Big City

Today was the PET scan. You are injected with radioactive fluids (in my case, a not very tasty banana shake) and the radioactive material, through the miracle of science, clearly shows areas of heightened activity, especially cancers. What Dr. Hema and I are looking for is no or very little activity.

This was a 3 1/2 hour process. I feel very sorry for my adorable wife; she sat in the waiting room and knitted, glancing at her watch. I was in a bed and, thanks to a self-prescribed dose of Benadryl, slept while the radioactive shake permeated my body. "They was givin' me ten thousand REMs a day..." (Sorry, Jack!)

This is a big step in the process that I am glad to have behind me. Wednesday, I have blood tests and then await a good report from Dr. Hema. You will be the second to know!

On the way home, we treated ourselves to a late lunch or early dinner (Linner?) at Apple-Chili-Charley's. I must compliment them; at 3:45 pm, you get an immediate booth and very prompt service.

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  1. At 3:45 pm, you almost never have a wait for a table. That's the perk of being retired.