Thursday, October 29, 2009

Three down...and a zillion to go...

..or so it seems, since the entire regimen goes on for six months.

I have no symptoms post-chemo, so far. I feel just fine. Dr. Hema asked, the other day, if I had run a fever. Truthfully, I never checked, because I never had the slightest reason to suspect a fever. Since then, I have been checking every four hours or so and keeping a log. So far, I have not exceeded 98 degrees.

I am very happy that my health is good; I will greatly enjoy my visit from my sister P and bro-in-law D. She and I were a bit concerned about what my condition might be.

The medication I am being infused with works by destroying B-cells, to which lymphoma cells attach. This has the effect of drastically reducing one's resistance to infection. This is a bit scary in a world fighting swine flu. I am therefor avoiding contact with people. For example, Sylvia had an appointment Tuesday afternoon, after my infusion. I stayed in the car with the radio and a magazine. We are going to lay in a supply of groceries today; I will finish the magazine in the car and smear ourselves with Purel after we get the groceries loaded in the car.

So far, so good!


  1. Glad to hear it is going good this time!!! Keep it up!!! Don & Jan O.

  2. Cool you're not experiencing side effects so far. Thanks for your kind word about my Dad. Obviously I have personal reasons for wanting to see you kick this thing! SC