Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Feeling better

I had a pretty good day yesterday, with no fever, sweats or chills. My appetite was good and I ate three good meals. However, last night, I suffered from night sweats and woke up about 2:45 am with both me and the bedding drenched. Waking up in clammy, damp bedding does not promote healing, in my opinion.

Today, I feel almost normal; less sluggish than before and enough appetite to invite my adorable wife to Big Lunch. That is a late lunch at a restaurant where we eat dinner-sized portions and have the luxury of lingering over coffee or a glass of wine.

I hope that this may be the beginning of the end for these post-infusion symptoms.

I have been treated very well by Medicare and my medigap provider; having paid almost nothing out of pocket and never having a coverage fight with either. However, I received a notice from my medigap provider that they were denying a bill from provider U, who I had never seen! After a phone call, the billing lady said that she didn't know why it got submitted as provider U, that it was actually provider S, who I have seen many times, including the date on the notice from my medigap provider! She promised to get it fixed and I promised to keep my checkbook sequestered until then. I hope my painless treatment by Medicare and my medigap carrier will resume. This was not, so far, painful; only a minor inconvenience.

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