Friday, September 4, 2009

Another visit to Big City

I saw the infectious disease specialist, Dr. Infekto, this morning. He took a very thorough history and description of my post-infusion symptoms. He examined me carefully and pronounced that while most patients have few or no post-infusion symptoms, some do. I am just lucky enough to be in the some category. He suggested an over-the-counter medication to try to counteract the flu-like symptoms and said he saw no reason to not proceed with the next two rituxan infusions. He said he would fax his findings to Dr. Hema by the end of the day.

Whew!!! I was afraid he would stop everything while he put me through another battery of tests which would further delay the progress towards, hopefully, remission.

My adorable wife and I celebrated with a big lunch and a movie. We are planning to further celebrate with dinner with friends.


  1. Hi Bill, Just read your blog for the first time since you left S.C., so happy no infec disease and you can get on with getting well. My Aunt Frances came 2 days after you left, we had a nice visit with her too. I'll tell you about Hanks test via e-mail so it is not so public. It was so nice to see you and spend so much time with Syl. Love N

  2. Bill this website is so cool. Glad to hear that you are doing so well with everything and that you sound so strong. I think attitude is everything in this fight and you definitely have the attitude. Go fight Win!!!!! Jennifer S