Sunday, September 20, 2009

Great improvement

I had a great day yesterday and so far today, I have had no fever, no chills or other symptoms. I really feel rather good! These ordeals, post-infusion symptoms, are very difficult, but that's what it takes to get, hopefully, to remission. Today proves they just won't last forever.

Today, we will be visited by my niece A, her husband K and their very cute little son, P. We are looking forward to seeing them and I am very glad I am relatively well, so that we can all have a pleasant visit.

Wednesday and Thursday, it's back to Big City for treatment #4! Hopefully, this will be the last infusion for a long, long time. As always, I will post to this blog from the treatment room. I actually read your past comments right in the chair. They make me feel that all of you are lifting me to do what needs doing and press on no matter how tough it feels at the time. Thank you all.


  1. My hopes are for a smoother than before infusion, with few after-effects, and remission for a long, long time!!!!

    We love you very much!!!!
    Meemaw & Hubby

  2. I hope this finds you as comfortable as circumstance will allow, not experiencing ANY adverse side effects, with something entertainingly distracting on your laptop and looking forward to a restful night in the 'big city'.


  3. Hi Bill - Have you been dipping into the snacks there yet? Or are you enjoying a nice homemade sandwich? We hope the time goes very quickly for you today and that you have a nice evening out with Sylvia in the big city.
    Irene and Len