Thursday, September 24, 2009

We're done and done

We should be out in about 15 minutes, done with the final treatment! Woo hoo! Then the after-symptoms, if any, can start and subside and then we can wait for blood tests in about a month and a PET scan yet to be scheduled. I am looking forward to remission and a general improvement in my overall health.


  1. We hope you're safely back home now and have a restful evening. Or are you planning a celebration of sorts? Pumpkin cake for sure! Hopefully your side effects will not be as bad now that your overall health has improved and you are stronger than before. We're anxious to go out to dinner with you whenever you're ready!
    Irene and Len

  2. Thank goodness you are done with that nasty business! Hopefully the post-treatment symptoms won't be too bad this time. And as always, have some bacon/gravy/butter for me. :D


  3. Yahoo!!!!!! I'm so glad those are over!!! I'm praying the after-effects are non-existent, and you can indulge in a breakfast of champions as often as you like (you know - a brownie with rocky road ice cream and chocolate syrup, all washed down with YooHoo!!!)

    We love you very much
    Meemaw & Hubby