Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An amusing day...

...if that's possible in an oncology treatment center.

Each visit, it seems, brings us a new friend or a new sight or an interesting occurance. We always see the sad cases; those people who are very ill, look weak and are wearing scarves because, presumably, their hair has been lost due to chemotherapy. We see those who are all too young who will be fighting cancer for the majority of their, maybe short, life. We also see, thankfully, a lot of people who look perfectly normal and who you would never suspect were ill if you encountered them outside.

We encounter talkers, who talk incessantly, telling you every detail of their disease progression, whether you are listening or not. Quickly, we recognize who they are and sit in a recliner far away.

Yesterday, we saw a recliner occupied by an unmoving shape completely covered, except for shoes, by white blankets. The shape didn't seem to move, even to breathe. My adorable wife looked at me and half-whispered, "You don't suppose he's d...?" I replied, "I dunno."

After about an hour, the shape threw off the blankets, a man emerged and dragged his IV pump along to the restroom. He returned and replaced the blankets, even over his head and face, although now he was sitting up. He sat immobile for another 30 minutes. His cell phone rang and he rustled about under the blankets and said, "Yeah? hmm...K." There was more rustling under the blankets and he then remained motionless, completely covered, except for his shoes. He was still there when I finished and left.

Every person has their own way to get through this ordeal; his was just a bit more unusual than most!

On Thursday, I will be done! I will celebrate with a glass of wine and a steak and a trip to see my beloved bother and sister! Here I come!

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  1. Yay!!!

    Looking forward to the visit! Looking forward even more to the diagnosis - remission!!! You are still in our prayers!!!

    We love you!
    Meemaw & Hubby