Monday, March 29, 2010

Back in Big City

The sixth and final round of fludarabine treatments started today. It will continue through Thursday. The first stop, after blood is taken, is to visit with Dr. Hema. He examined my blood test results and again reported that the fludarabine is killing the B-cells that carry lymphoma and is dragging down my hemoglobin and platelet counts. He said it was an entirely expected and normal process. He said that, after treatment ends and my system builds new B-cells, my numbers will return to normal.

My infusion treatment started with a hitch. Nurse P had trouble getting an IV started in my poor swiss-cheesed left arm. I have tried to keep my infusions in one arm; the left, less used arm. After some difficulties and some false starts, P changed to the right arm. Then infusion went smoothly.

I had my routine physical Friday and was called with results today. My cholesterol has usually been below 100. Now it is a more normal 177. Most people would be alarmed that their cholesterol had risen 80 points in one year. I think it indicates a return to well as a greasy, fatty diet! Dr. Hema tends to agree. He didn't ask me to moderate my gluttony; we both believe that, as long as my weight and cholesterol are reasonable, that my lymphoma is the highest priority. Nonetheless, I am giving up pecan waffles and Cherry Garcia ice cream!

After this weeks treatments, I will have blood tests in two and four weeks and then a CT scan. We hope for a great report.

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