Thursday, March 4, 2010

New attitudes

Cancer is, in its own way, funny. Today, we were entering Dr. Hema's offices to start the last day of round five of my six round fludarabine treatment. We encountered a very nice couple who we had seen Monday. He was in a recliner getting infused while his caring, concerned wife sat nearby.

As they were checking out and we were checking in, we exchanged the usual polite greetings. "Hello, how are you?" I asked him if that wasn't a loaded question, given where we were and what we were there for. He agreed and suggested we start over, but this time, being quite honest with each other. I asked, "How are you?" He said, "Lousy, actually. I have colon cancer, I'm undergoing chemo and it makes me sick. How are you?" I said, "Pretty darned bad. I have lymphoma, I'm undergoing chemo and it seems like there are treatments for the next thousand weeks."

He then said, "Well I hope you gain remission and never have to get another infusion and feel better." I said, "You mean, you hope to never see me again?" He smiled and said, "Exactly!" I said, "Well, my friend, I hope the same, that I never see you again."

They were a great couple and I wish them well.

Only in the infusion room is, "I hope I never see you again" a hopeful greeting.

I am glad to be 5/6ths of the way to the end of fludarabine treatments. I feel quite well and quite hopeful. My next milestone is blood testing on March 15. I have many marks on my forearm from having IVs inserted. In the illegal drug world, they are known as needle tracks. I have visions of the police noticing them and asking my drug of choice. I wonder if they would have to radio the station house to find out about fludarabine...and if they would be apologetic!

Thanks again, friends, for your well wishes.

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