Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blood test results are in

I received a call from Nurse S. at Dr. Hema's office. As I had been told to expect by Dr. Hema, the results were good enough but not great. Evidently, as the fludarabine kills type B blood cells, the ones that carry lymphoma, hemaglobin is repressed as well. As the cancer is fought, apparently hemoglobin improves and then plateaus, exactly as mine has.

The real purpose of the tests, aside from monitoring my general health, is to be sure no passing infections have attacked and are defeating my immune system. They haven't.

March 29, I will be back in the infusion room for the sixth and final fludarabine treatment; spread over four consecutive days. I will be happy to get it over and behind me. Let's hope that lymphoma is behind me, as well!

We talked to a woman last Friday who said her father had had lymphoma for twenty years. I said I hoped I could have it for twenty years, meaning that, in effect, I could survive to at least age 87!

I got a stack of papers from Medicare today, indicating that they had paid just over $50,000 for my care from roughly November 1 to March 1. My medigap carrier has paid quite a lot, as well. I myself have only paid $155, my medicare deductible, out of pocket. It is quite remarkable if you know the amount that medical providers charge (huge!) and the amount that Medicare approves and pays (not huge, at all).

Please keep paying your federal taxes willingly and on time! I could never pay for this all myself.

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