Monday, March 1, 2010

Round five begins

Today, we ventured to Big City to start round five of the six round fludarabine regimen. I have been doing so well that, once again, the round will be completed in four consecutive days, instead of five as previously. As we expected, Dr. Hema was very pleased with my progress and, especially, my M-spike number. He expects the number to fall to zero by the end of round six. An M-spike number of zero and a clean CT scan would indicate remission. Of course, there are always unknowns and surprises. We could fall short of remission or, even if we achieve it, it might be short-lived or, hopefully, long-lived. Of course, "long" is a relative word.

Dr.Hema, my adorable wife and I are still very delighted with my progress. After the trouble with rituxan, it is wonderful to see good progress with nearly no side effects.

After round six is completed, I will report for blood tests every three months at Dr. Hema's office and, probably intermediate tests at my local, nearby physician.

I find myself in the unusual position of looking forward to painful, time-consuming and inconvenient infusions. They bring remission ever closer!

As we often do, we treated ourselves to a big lunch prior to infusion. Hey, we were showered and dressed, so why waste it without a nice meal.

All I want for my birthday and St. Patrick's Day and Easter and spring break is remission!

Today's weight: an alarming 183! Maybe I should rethink the whole big lunch program!

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  1. Hey Bill - Good luck this week and enjoy as many big lunches as you can fit in! After all, winter is still with us and you need the body warmth!