Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Complications seem to lessen

Here we are, about to head to Big City tomorrow to, hopefully have infusion #3 of 4. I have suffered flu-like symptoms about as severe as last time from Friday to today, Tuesday. They include fever, cough, loss of appetite, and problems with temperature regulation. One moment, I am dripping perspiration when the thermostat is set at 75, and later, I am covered in layers of clothing, and one of my adorable wife's hand-knitted afgans feeling chilly when the thermostat is at 79! I have taken my temperature regularly and, if it is high, which it usually is, I take Tylenol.

I have made a diary of the temperatures and doses of Tylenol to take to Dr. Hema. I am afraid that the next infusion will be postponed until my health further improves. Bummer.

Please stay tuned! I am taking my laptop and will update you all from the treatment room...hopefully.

I have been reluctant to add post after post which say the same thing: I feel lousy.

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  1. Bill,
    Keep your chin up... We are watching you... Good Luck today... Don & Jan