Sunday, August 23, 2009

A perfect day!

Saturday was a perfect day! No fever at any time, no problems with any flu-like symptoms. I feel great!

The path is clear now for a short vacation; we fly away Wednesday. We have been looking forward to this trip and it will be wonderful to go feeling well. Considering my puny weight, 160 at the start of this perfect day, one of my considerations on this vacation will be the area's restaurants. I am dreaming of lobster and eating it surrounded by family and friends.

OK, OK, you got me! The real reason it was a perfect day was that the Fedex man delivered a new Bluray player and that NASCAR televised a night race for me to enjoy and, best of all, I spent it with my adorable wife. I confess.


  1. Nascar races at night are the best I will definitely agree!!! Hope you have a great trip and eat lots of lobster and many other great foods!!!! Glad you're feeling good!!!!

  2. I'm SO GLAD you feel so much better!!! I hope you have an awesome trip!!!! Eat whatever you want, and have a great time - we love you very much.

  3. We are glad you are feeling better.. Have a great vacation; have lots of good food and drink.. Take care.. Don and Jan